Billy Joe Thomas was born August 7th, 1942 at his Grandmother's home in Hugo, Oklahoma.
His parents, Vernon and Geneva Thomas,  had three children, Jerry, Billy Joe and Judy.  

The family moved around often, but stayed in close proximity during most of the children's growing years to Houston, Texas.  

The two Thomas boys both loved playing baseball and singing in their church choir. 

Young Billy Joe adopted the nickname, B.J., when there were too many young men with the name of Billy Joe on his Little League Baseball team.  The name followed him through life since that time.

B.J. Thomas &
The Triumphs

Left to right:
Fred Carney, Donald Drachenberg, Gary Koepen, Denver Zatyka, Teddy Mensik, B.J. Thomas, Tom Griffith and Tim Griffith.

After being convinced by his older brother Jerry to audition for a local band, "The Triumphs", Lamar Consolidated High School junior B.J. Thomas became the groups' lead singer.  The band was a local success with songs such as "The Lazy Man" and "I Got A Feeling".  Then their version of the Hank Williams tune, "I'm So Lonesome, I Could Cry", caught the ear of young promoter Steve Tyrell, who talked Scepter Records into releasing the song nationally. Young Billy Joe Thomas became one of Scepter Records most successful solo artists.

Soon after becoming a solo artist, B.J. met his wife Gloria at Van's Ballroom in Houston.  She caught his eye because he had at first thought she was his sister, Judy.  After seeing each other for some months, they became engaged and were married on December 9th, 1968 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Their first child, Paige was born early in 1970.  Just after traveling with a Christian crusade of singers, ministers and counselors in Taiwan, B.J. and Gloria adopted their second daughter, Nora from a Korean orphanage in 1978. 

Soon after returning from Korea with Paige and Nora, Gloria discovered they were again to be blessed with another child, their third daughter, Erin born in 1979.  B.J. and Gloria are now the proud grandparents to Nora's 2 daughters Nadia & Keira and Erin's daughter Ruby.

The Thomas Family in 1983

From top, L to R:

Erin, B.J. Nora,
Paige and Gloria

  After overcoming an admitted long struggle with drug and alcohol  dependence, B.J. has with love, prayer and support from his family and friends, found a more spiritual base in his life. The Thomas family still reside in their beloved state of Texas.  B.J. and Gloria, whom he affectionately calls "the redhead", celebrated 41 years of marriage this past December.  Their beautiful daughter Paige can be seen in B.J.'s video done for his 1993 song "A Southern Girl On A Summer Night". The entire Thomas family can be seen in the Christmas video for B.J.'s version of "The Christmas Song" shown on  GAC  during the holidays.

These great pictures were taken sometime during the mid 1980's at an  outdoor show in Washington State by a B. J. Thomas fan. 

During the 4 decades B.J. has performed, he has:


Both of these pictures were taken by a fan during a show in Huntsville, AL.  If you have a picture you would like to share, email it to us !






B.J. still maintains a busy touring and appearance schedule during each year.  He travels across the United States, as well as internationally to countries such as Canada, Brazil, Australia and more.  

In his off time, one of B.J.'s favorite past times is playing golf.  Here he is in a relaxed moment on the golf course.


B.J. with the Righteous Brothers, 
Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield taken in the 70's.

The song now playing is: "Ballyhoo Days".


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