This page is just for fun and nostalgia.
Remember those great Coca-Cola and Pepsi commercials that we all sang to in the late 1960's and early 1970's ?  Well, B.J. recorded commercial jingles for both companies.  You can hear those songs here .. and "remember when"!

Coca - Cola Ad # 1 *

Coca - Cola Ad # 2 *

Coke Ad Run Only In Japan in 1976

* From the "Things Go Better With Coke -- Sixties Coca-Cola Commercials 1965-'69" CD

Pepsi Ad # 1*

Pepsi Ad # 2 *

* From the Pepsi-Cola Radio commercial LP from 1971


Here is a PSA for The American Red Cross
by B.J. in 2003.

Here is a commercial B.J. did in the 70s for
the Bell phone systems.

The following two sound files are of a public
service announcement for the restoration project
of the Statue Of Liberty in 1986 sung by B.J.
One is a 30 second spot, and the second is a
full 1 minute.

30 second PSA 60 second PSA

All the wavs on this site are now in MP-3 format.  If you cannot hear the wavs found here on your computer, you  may need to download a recent copy of RealPlayer or WinAmp onto your computer.  Use the links provided below for your choice.





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