In 1972, B.J. co-starred with a young Robby Benson in the western movie, "Jory". This was Robby Benson's first film.  The movie also starred veteran actor John Marley & a young Linda Purl.

 The description of the movie says: "The wild west seemed like a pretty nice place .... until they killed his father. Now Jory must live alone among ruthless outlaws, gunslingers and people just looking for trouble. It's a showdown, and the stakes are high. Jory must grow up fast or die." 

The blue sleeve shown is the original U.S. packaging of the movie, the yellow copy is a re-released U.S. version, the third box is the sleeve from a Canadian release of the video, the fourth is a 1994 release and the final box shown is from the year 2000 re-release of the video from Dreamline Entertainment. 
Jory in VHS format can be found at this time at
Movies Unlimited.


Click here to listen to the original audio introduction for this movie from 1972 !

Click here to download and listen to the entire theme from the 
soundtrack of "Jory" !  Below is a still photo of B.J. Thomas
with young actor Robbie Benson from the set of the movie.

Jory Movie Credits
John Marley .... Roy 
B.J. Thomas .... Jocko 
Robby Benson .... Jory 
Brad Dexter .... Jack 
Claudio Brook .... Ethan 
Patricia Aspíllaga .... Carmelita 
Todd Martin .... Barron 
Ben Baker .... Mr. Jordan 
Carols Cortes .... Logan 
Linda Purl .... Amy 
Betty Sheridan .... Mrs. Jordan 
Ted Markland .... Evans 
Quintín Bulnes .... Walker 
John Kelly .... Thatcher 
Eduardo Rojas .... Cookie 

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scene cuts from the movie.

From the producer of
"Love Story"

... for those who love adventure.



B.J. Thomas
John Marley
Robby Benson
Linda Purl






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