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These 3 photos of B.J. on stage at the Alma Performing Arts Center in Alma, Arkansas were taken and shared with us by Melissa A. who attended the show there on April 1st, 2006.



These wonderful pictures of BJ are from 2 of the 5 shows that Susan L.
from Florida took during the week of May 19th thru 22nd, 2006 during
the Epcot Center Flower Power event.  BJ performed 3 shows a day.
Susan says of the standing ovation he received after the Saturday night
show on May 19th .. "you could literally "feel" the love going back and 
forth from the audience to BJ and from BJ to the audience.

These photos were taken at the Epcot Flower Power shows by Tom S. 
who says ... "Wow..Wow..Wow....I drove up to Epcot to see BJ perform 
a brief show and I came back for 2 more shows.  I wished I had the 
opportunity to see him when he is younger .. but in my books BJ is one 
performer I will never forget"


These pictures were shared with us by Mike B. from New Hampshire,
who was delighted to be able to attend one of the Epcot Flower Power
shows in FL in 2004 while his family was there for his daughter's dance
company performance.  Mike says, "I took a picture of my family in front of
 the poster to capture the moment.  The other pictures are from BJís performance 
that we saw that evening.  BJís performance was absolutely magical.  The place 
was packed with young and old and everyone had such a great time.  BJís voice 
is still wonderful after all these years.  I still talk about that show 2 years later. "

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