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Sandra D. from New York traveled to Bensalem, PA on July 29, 2006
to see B.J.'s show there.  The pictures above are from that show.
She had also traveled to Florida in May, 2006 to see the shows at
Epcot Center.  Photos from those shows are below.
Sandra says of the shows:
"B.J. was simply awesome!  Handsome, charming, and definitely "stylin".
 Seeing B.J. smiling is the best part of any of his concerts. It makes you happy 
to see him happy.  I was thrilled when he took a birthday present I handed
him at one of the Epcot shows (you can see him holding it).  What a special 
man who truly appreciates each and every one of his fans."


These great pictures were shared with us by Melissa A.
who was at the show on August 19th in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Larry Chavis

John Sterling Francis

Tom Wild

Leo Finn



The above two pictures were shared with us by Wanda D.,
who took these shots at the August 4th, 2006 show at the
Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Wanda
said this "was a great show, as always!  B.J. is remarkable!"

Melissa A. shares these great pictures with us that she took at the
show at the Welk Theatre in Branson, Missouri on September 23rd, 2006.
This was one of the "Raindrops and Boondocks" Tour shows that B.J.
has been doing the summer of '06 with singer Billy Joe Royal.

Melissa and B.J.  Thanks for sharing your pictures, Melissa!

B.J. with Billy Joe Royal

Our favorite drummer, Larry Chavis

These two wonderful pictures were taken and shared with us by Donna E., who had a wonderful time seeing the show and spending time with a lot of B.J. Thomas fans at the September 30th, 2006 show in Columbia, Tennessee.  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Donna!

Jeanne F, from Indiana also attended the September 30th, 2006 show in Columbia, Tennessee.  She shares these wonderful pictures taken by her husband, Butch, of B.J. on stage.  Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, Jeanne and Butch!

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