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Lisa, a fan from Tennessee, shares these pictures with us.  The first three
are from the August 4th, 2006 show in Pigeon Forge, TN.  The last two
of Lisa and her son with B.J. after the show are from the September
30th, 2006 show in Columbia, TN.

Martha W. shares this picture of herself with B.J. and Billy Joe Royal after the 
show on October 28, 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the 2 pictures below of B.J. and Billy Joe.  She says about the show: 
"I have enjoyed several of B J Thomas' concerts.  My husband and I drove all the 
way from South Georgia for this one.  It was great!  I hope B J and Billy Joe make 
a recording together because they put on a dynamite show.  I look forward to seeing more of their shows!   I really enjoyed the concert!


B.J. performing with President George W. Bush, Eartha Kitt, Cathy Rigby, 
First Lady Laura Bush and the youth group The Singing Angels at the 2006 
Pageant of Peace program, which accompanied the lighting of the National 
Christmas Tree.  The pageant was held on December 7, 2006 in 
Washington, D.C.  This picture was shared with us by the director of 
The Singing Angels,
Andrea L. Soares Omerza.

The picture above and the ones just below here were taken
and are shared with us by Debbie Holt, who produced the
pre-show portion of the Pageant Of Peace.  Her husband Mike, shown above with B.J., was the escort for B.J. and Gloria during their time spent there.  Mike is a long-time fan, and Debbie says 
he was thrilled to meet both B.J. and Gloria.

B.J. performing on stage with
The Singing Angels in Washington D.C., December 7th, 2006.


The pictures above & of B.J. and Billy Joe Royal on stage
as well as the ones below from after the show were
taken and are shared with us here by Ruth O., who 
attended the show at the Asheville Civic Center in 
Asheville, North Carolina on March 3rd, 2007.
Ruth says, "It was a great show!"

Ruth (r) and Christine (l) visit with B.J. After the show. 


These three pictures were taken and shared with us by Wanda D.
who was also at the Asheville, NC March 3rd, 2007 show.
Wanda says, "B.J. sounded and looked great!"

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