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B.J. backstage enjoying time with fans in Recife, Brazil
before a show on December 5th, 2008.


These 3 photos were shared with us by Jackie, who traveled to the Mt. Airy Casino and Resort in
Pennsylvania to see B.J. and the Band on March 6th, 2010.  Jackie says B.J. looked and sounded great
and the band was very friendly.  She got an opportunity to speak with John Francis and to visit with
B.J. after the show.  She is pictured with him below.







JoAnn G., is a long time B.J. Thomas fan from Monroe, MI.  She has shared these four pictures
from shows she has been to in the last few years.  The first is a pictures of B.J. with JoAnn after a
performance at Andiamo's in Warren, MI on May 16th, 2002.  The 2nd shot is of them after the
show in Tiffin, OH on December 11th, 2004.
Below are pictures of B.J. on stage.  JoAnn had front row seats for both of these shows!  The first
is from the show in Swartz Creek, MI on May 31, 2009 that she went to with her husband, Tom.  The
2nd picture below is from a show in Toledo, OH that JoAnn attended with her youngest daughter Sara
on April 4th, 2003.  Her very special memories of that show include getting a stage towel from B.J.
at the end!







Laurie S. of Boston, MA shares these pictures of B.J. on stage and of her meeting with
B.J. after the show in Springfield, MA on March 17, 2010.  Laurie says, "I enjoyed B.J.'s concert in
Springfield, MA on 3/17/10.  It was such a thrill for me to have front row seats, shake B.J.'s hand after
the concert  and the ultimate, having B.J. take a picture with me.   His voice is still wonderful and
he looks divine for his age."




Linda B. attended her first ever B.J. Thomas concert on July 31st, 2010
at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis, MS.  She shares these pictures with us.  




Linda says of the show and of her experience of getting to meet
with B.J. afterwards:

It was a dream come true for me.  I was so honored and overwhelmed to meet B.J.
Sure hope we get to see B.J. in concert in MS again. 
Once you see B.J. makes you
want to see him again.  B.J. is so handsome & humble.






These photos were shared with us by Gail C. who attemded the October 9th, 2010 show
with KY friends Cathy M. and Fredia F. in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Boomtown Casino.





Laurie S. and friends share these photos of B.J.
and them before, during and after the show at
The City Winery on November 26, 2010 in New York.







L to R: Debbie M., B.J.,
Carol P. & Paula M.
B.J. with Laurie S.


Laurie S. (r) with Gloria Thomas (ctr) and Gloria's cousin.



More pictures coming soon!


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